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"You know, I really loved this book. I grew up an airline brat, so could relate to the airline stories, issues, pilots, ground school, families. And, combining the flying with a spiritual component, it had everything I wanted. I would recommend this book to a friend."

-- Patty Wagstaff, a three-time National Aerobatic Champion, and world renowned airshow pilot

“Bob Tripp’s captivating first novel serves us food for the soul. From the most complex flight technology that only an accomplished aviator could illuminate to the eternal questions of religion and philosophy,  LAST CLEAR CHANCE takes the reader down roads we do not find on the  usual maps. The feast is on the table, but we first need the address.  Bob Tripp gives it to us.”

-- Richard Drury, /Airways/ magazine contributing editor and author of SKYLINES and MY PRIVATE WAR

"This book was one of only a few that I have not been able to put down until finished.  Bob raises the concepts of Celestine Prophecy another step into a world that scientists and everyday people alike can relate to.  Last Clear Chance is one of those experiences one is not likely to forget for its excitement, candor, and honesty.  As a former pilot, I very much appreciate his attention to those details...as a writer, I respect his mastery of the craft."

-- Elaine Albertson, behavioral scientist and author of The Firetree Chronicles blog on spirituality, science and politics.